Facebook Needs to Open Up

An interesting takeon Facebook’s (and Apple’s) future. Both need to open up, otherwise they might go the way of AOL. Add to that a certain scepticism of American behemoths in much of the developing world as well as in Europe. When Americans were dominating the web accepting a certain lock-in by a homegrown outfit, the closed system made business sense because they were accepted by the American web majority out of “relative security” concerns. It’s sometimes hard to fathom for Europeans how Americans accept the dictatorship of the App Store and the dominance of certain players such as Microsoft and now, Facebook. Changing demographics will force a re-think towards openness and partnering to stay “cool” and accepted by a wider audience, much like Google’s erstwhile “don’t be evil” policy. Like Google, FB will have to walk the tightrope between revenue and user acceptance, but without the advantage of intrisic technological superiority.

Posted: 07 June 2010

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