All Your Opinons Fit For FB

The move [web sites using Facebook for comment management] also raises fears. Facebook has already accumulated a remarkable amount of data—and not just about its users’ online, but their real-world activities: messages, pictures, calendars, likes and dislikes, even shopping. Now it is adding their opinions too. The result is a giant step towards Facebook becoming, in effect, the repository of identity for much of the internet.** If governments did that, the result would be outrage. Is the same clout exercised by a private firm any less worrying?** The Onion, a satirical website, recently called Facebook a “massive online surveillance program run by the CIA” and Mr Zuckerberg a secret agent with the code name “the Overlord”. LOL? Perhaps not.

The ultimate in social (and government) control will take the edge off published political discourse that requires anonymity in many environments. The final victory of political correctness and opinional harmlessness.

Posted: 10 April 2011

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