From Mining to Shaping

Facebook goes from mining users' data (and selling it to advertisers), to actively shaping users' behavior in the way that FBs “clients” desire.

Facebook, in short, aims not to be a Web site you spend a lot of time on, but something that defines your online — and increasingly offline — life.

“We think it’s an important next step to help tell the story of your life,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, who introduced the new features at the company’s annual conference for developers. He called what Facebook was doing an effort to “rethink some industries.”

FB continues to “reshape” privacy to make buck and the “Facebook as an opinion builder” development has given the new Big Brother an even bigger Face.


Jane: New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation facebook page a company allows a post mentioning one of their employee to be mentioned in a negative manner to remain on the facebook page. Facebook does not have any policy on reporting such action. Company pages should have some ethical standards to follow. facebook should develop a policy to protect its users in all senses.

Posted: 24 September 2011

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