Zuckerberg is wiring the world, for profit:

This latest announcement is an unabashed business decision. Pure and simple and incredibly audacious. With far-reaching and probably very great global consequences. And you’d expect nothing else from the man who has helped to transform the communication and behaviour of the modern world.

But creating a narrative of Zuck and co riding in on white chargers under the banner of altruism is simply vile. Where is any mention of local consultation, where’s the pledge to work with existing operators or build infrastructure though local partnerships?

The Gates Foundation uses its $36bn fund to plug away at tough global issues surrounding healthcare and poverty. Zuck setting himself up as the brave new creator of a globally connected utopia while he and his telco friends tap into a vastly lucrative market? It’s like asking us to believe that the NSA were simply curious, Starbucks is on a mission to provide the world with great coffee or that Simon Cowell unleashed One Direction on us for the love of music.

Zuckerberg is a great engineer, but, as always, fundamentally dishonest.

Posted: 23 August 2013

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