What Facebook tracks

Facebook tracks everything you do online, every keystroke, including aborted posts, where you look in videos, where you move your mouse pointer etc., to influence your mood and make you click on more ads, and to sell your data to the highest bidder or use your pics in advertising without compensation, or to sell to Trump's minions to track you down and harass you.

Here's a nice summary of the evil currently perpetrated by FB as a letter that can be sent to FB recruiters:

Dear Recruiter,

The way Facebook collects and uses data, including:

has made me not only strongly oppose working there but has made me strongly evaluate my usage of Facebook, because I never know how every keystroke I enter into the system will be used.

If Facebook as a company is committed to changing direction and to

  • using data to fight some of these issues,
  • actively working on ways to delete unnecessary data*,
  • actively working on private, secure communication that is not party to government interference,
  • and actively working on ways to prevent private customer data from being shared to unnecessary third parties.

I would love to know.



Posted: 07 February 2017

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